Bury Cricket Club


Learn to Score

Learn to Score for Bury CC!

As members of the Greater Manchester Cricket League (GMCL), we use CricHQ as our scoring platform.

We use the CricHQ app to score games - it is free to download and once you have a go, it is pretty easy to understand!

Umpires Signals

Before we get started using the scoring app, we need to be familiar with the umpire's signals. During a game, the scorers and umpires are in constant communication, but due to the distance between them, signals are used. Watch the below video and make sure you are familiar with each of the signals.

Getting Started with CricHQ

Download the CricHQ app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or from the Play Store (for Android devices).

Login or create an account. Then, watch the below video to get you used to the basics of scoring using the app. Whilst you watch it, have a play around on the app - the best way to learn is by using the app!

Note that using Pitch Maps and Wagon Wheels is optional - these can be turned off via 'Settings' and there is no requirement for scorers to use them. However, it does improve the output for players.

Have a go!

The best way to improve and familiarise yourself with the app is to keep practising. If there's a game on the TV, get your tablet or mobile out and score it (hint: International and county teams tend to have a squad pre-loaded onto the app). Or, when there is a game on at Bury, come down and spectate and bring your device with you.

If you score a game, then download the match report or find the link for the scorecard, and send it to buryccwebsite@gmail.com to get some hints and tips on how else you can improve your scoring.


Optional Extra : Understanding Duckworth-Lewis-Stern

If you are serious about becoming a scorer for senior games for the club, then you will need to understand how to use DLS (junior games don't use this).

DLS is quite difficult to get your head around. Give the below information a read and watch the video to give it a try. Any questions, email buryccwebsite@gmail.com