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Net Usage

In order to safely open our net and outfield facilities to our members, we must implement a number of safety measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus in line with the latest ECB guidelines

This means:

  • At all times that the facilities are open, there must be a club representative (we have termed 'Net Manager') on site who is responsible for cleaning touch points and equipment before and after sessions
  • Members can only gain access to the facilities at a specific time that is arranged via a booking system
  • Currently, players can train in a group of upto 6 people from different households, and those who do not live in the same household must maintain a 2m distance at all times
  • Only our outdoor facilities will be able to be opened, as the risk of infection is lower outdoors
  • To ensure the distance is maintained, nets can only be used on an 'every other net' basis, meaning we can only open one net at this current time, in addition to a practice wicket on the square 
  • At all time that the facilities are closed, there must be appropriate signage to show this and the net facilities will be closed off

Before you book a session, you must fully read through all of these protocols and follow them before, during and after your use of our facilities. Whilst these may seem very strict, they are the necessary procedures that must be put in place, with ECB and government guidelines, to ensure the safety of all our members and the wider community.

We have a team of 'Net Managers' who will be in charge of managing the facilities during the hours in which they are open and one of these must be present at the ground during your session. These are James Weston, Gary Garner and Dom Morris. (If you are able to and are interested in becoming a net manager yourself then please contact James Weston).

Currently, we are taking bookings for:

  • groups of upto 6 for senior players (including juniors who regularly play senior cricket and those whose fall into the U17 age group)
  • junior groups within households i.e. parent and child(ren) - must be an adult present
  • groups of two junior players from different households (as long as at least one adult is present throughout the session). 

Booking System

At this stage, we will be taking bookings for net sessions only. There will be upto 2 sessions available to book at once, with one in the nets and one on the square. Start and finish times for the two sessions are staggered. Currently, we are restricting each senior player to be able to take part in a maximum of two sessions per week, regardless of who books the session, whilst juniors can take part in one session per week. Junior training now takes place on Thursday evenings.

Each group can have upto 6 people in that group. Only one person in each group needs to fill in the booking form per session, and they, as guided by the form, must include their contact number and the names of all of the group members who will attend the session. For junior sessions, a parent must be the one who fills in the booking form.

On the form, you will be available to view all of the available slots. You should select which of the sessions you wish to book. You will then be assigned a session time, and the person who filled in the form will be contacted via text message with confirmation of your time.

Should you need to cancel the session, due to illness (see below) or other reasons, you should contact the Net Manager who contacted you to confirm the booking as soon as possible. If the Net Manager/club decides to cancel the session due to adverse weather or exceptional circumstances then you will be contacted at least 2 hours before the session where possible.

Square sessions are 90 minutes long, whilst net area sessions are 45 minutes long, however each night there is one extended session available to book in the net area.

The booking system is currently closed. Junior training takes place each Thursday night.

You can access the booking system by clicking here.

Juniors are restricted to net area sessions only.

Prior to your visit

Players and parents must not visit the ground if:

  • They or any member of their household have any of three main COVID-19 symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature, loss of sense of smell/taste)
  • They have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace contact tracers asking them to self-isolate
  • They have flown into the UK in the last 14 days
  • They are in a period of 7 or 14-day self-isolation even if they do not currently have symptoms 

Should you need to cancel the session, then see earlier.

We also recommend that people do not visit the ground if they:

  • Have underlying health conditions
  • Are over the age of 70
  • Are classed as being Clinically Extremely Vulnerable or are shielding

Net Session Protocols

Players who are involved in a net session must follow these rules:

  • Players who live in different households should travel separately to the ground
  • All players should avoid public transport when travelling to and from the ground where possible
  • Players should try to not arrive at the ground early, but should you do so you should stay in your vehicles until the start of the session, and should not approach the clubhouse
  • Upon arrival to the net area, players should place their equipment in their own designated baggage area - these will be marked near the net you are assigned to by spray paint/cones, each 2m apart.
  • Players should then clean their hands thoroughly (either using their own hand sanitiser, or if not available then using the anti-bacterial wipes provided by the club). This should be repeated at the end of the session.
  • For those in the net area, one net will be locked up - players should not attempt to use this net
  • The clubhouse remains completely closed to players (unless a first aid kit is needed, where players should speak to the Net Manager on duty)
  • This includes no on-site access to toilets for players or parents - sessions are only 45 minutes long
  • Players should bring their own drinks and must ensure they leave no litter behind
  • The club will provide 2 sets of stumps in each net, but players must bring all other equipment themselves and will not have access to any other club equipment, including the bowling machine
  • Players should try to avoid touching the stumps as much as possible. For this reason, no bails will be provided in either net.
  • Sharing of equipment is strongly not advised, but if absolutely necessary then those sharing equipment should clean their hands before and after using it
  • Bowlers should use their own balls where possible and should not use their own saliva or sweat on the ball
  • There will be spray paint/cones on the turf to mark 2m between bowlers who are waiting to bowl
  • Batsmen should limit the handling of the bowlers' balls and should hit it back with their bat or their foot rather than their gloves when retrieving it
  • At all times, all players who are not from the same household must maintain a 2m distance, including when retrieving balls
  • Players must have left the net at the agreed end of session, and are encouraged to have fully left the premises no later than 5 minutes later, giving the Net Manager a full 10 minutes to clean before the next booking

If an individual or group is found to be ignoring these rules, then the Net Manager may ask you to leave the premises and/or has the option to restrict bookings for the individuals involved in future. If players do not attempt to play safely, then the system will fail.

After your visit

Should you or any member of your group develop COVID-19 like symptoms recently after visiting the ground, or if you find out you may have been infected at the time you visited, then you MUST contact any of the Net Managers or any committee member to inform them of this so that the relevant action can take place.

Moving Forward

Setting up these protocols is something we have never had to do before, and we as a club are still learning. Should you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can make the facilities safer then please do not hesistate to contact any of the Net Managers (if you do not have any contact details then please ask your junior manager/senior captain).

We will be continuously reviewing how we manage the system.


Baggage area for wicket on square:

Baggage area and wipes for net area: