Bury Cricket Club


Fantasy Cricket Rules


You will start by selecting a team of 11 players, with a budget of 100k, from the squad list.

Fixtures include league and cup fixtures only (not T20s). The fixtures for the next gameweek are available to view on the 'Pick Your Team' page. Each gameweek will be one weekend, with gameweek 1 starting on Saturday 17th April and gameweek 22 concluding on Sunday 12th September.

The player list is split into 3 groups, and each player is assigned a role (Bat/Bowl/All-Rounder/Wicket-Keeper).

Your squad must consist of:

- at least 3 players from each group

-  at least 2 batsman

- at least 1 all-rounder

- at least 2 bowlers

- exactly 1 wicketkeeper

- exactly 1 team captain (see below)

Your 11 players must have a total cost of no more than 100k.

Your gameweek 1 squad must be submitted by 11pm on Friday 16th April via the google form on the 'Pick Team' tab. Any late entrants should email buryccwebsite@gmail.com to submit their team.

You cannot make any changes to your team until gameweek 12 - where you can make unlimited changes - and then you cannot make any more changes after that point.

You must select one team captain. This player will score you double points.

A player's price may change for the transfer period before gameweek 12 - such changes will be calculated based on the number of points they score in the first 11 gameweeks relative to their starting price. Players may also change category.