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Tour Blog Bangor Day One 2019

Tour Blog Bangor Day One 2019

Once Ted Dexter and Ray Illingworth had worked out the equation that 11 take the cricket field,  given there was 9 named the night before it was left to Ted to give Incredible Hulk the option to turn out for the opposition and make it 11 a side and get things moving . Some how we had mustered 12 !!!  Incredible Hulk turned into Incredible Sulk and it was left to Josh to step up and as it turned out he took full advantage of his switch to Bangor and became the tormentor.

Interesting opening partnership Joe took the strike and ran for one there was a two but Joe had unfortunately backed up too far and ran into the next county. Vik looking to get things going payed full respect to the ginger pony tail and chipped her,  yes her , the only u16 girl in the team to extra cover and off he walked falling before his partner . Joe looked pleased ..

Milton strolled to the wicket and was quickly in his stride punching anything off line to the boundary and the touring team was on it's way. Joe then did his usual and played down the Bakerloo and got one that went down Waterloo and in strolled the real Incredible Hulk to join Milton. Freddie was delighted one of Milton's pushes through the covers had got him off the mark and the scorer was flummoxed.  Hulks innings came to a soft ending perhaps it was his footwork choice of black and grey Nike. When asked wheres you're spikes the reply came " at home " - fair enough in my book. Thereafter some lovely crisp hitting got Burys young pro to a well deserved half century. 

Milton was next to fall after a controversial overturned decision. umpire Billy Boden called no ball somehow a conference in the middle with opposition captain and selector now umpire gave it out as a legitimate delivery ..We since learned the height rules have been changed for slow bowlers and no surprise later in the day Milton got his revenge bowling the u12 out with a large celebration to get us near the winning line. A well constructed 50 from Milton was the highlight of the touring sides first half effort.

Josh was determined to make his switch selection work to his advantage and after the windmill warm up had taken place some 8 overs ago he looked at Smudge ,who having declined the 4 spot took up the anchor role of 6 and with his first delivery bamboozled him with one that went straight on ,the only discrepancy being the umpire waiting for him to walk given he had maneuvered himself in front of all six stumps . Off he trotted lbw and that was Josh in the wickets again at 3rd team level.. Dom was warned 50 was required as the rest wouldn't muster 20 ..After some well timed extra cover drives off the back foot and looking on for the said 50 he duly played on and we settled for mid 30s score  Adam sulk hulk didn't fare any better he decided to copy the ex ex ex junr co coordinators brush shot and was bamboozled by one that pitched and bounced and he was on his way LBW.

The scoreboard was teetering around the 100 mark and Big C walked to the crease,  with one or two sky bound drives he looked to be trying to take out the customary low flying supersonic jets in the landscape, as an alternative to dog walkers he managed to pick out the pro.

Patrick duly obliged trying to hit Josh out of the park and picked out deep backward square leaving skipper Matt for the day stranded with what it seemed an under par 121 to win. Before that Lee continued to show he isn't the genuine alrounder and scooped a pathetic effort into short cover.

Bangors innings got off to a brisk start and with Big c and Lee not being able stem the runs a breakthrough was needed . Big c showed his customary politeness and barged into the non striker like you do, not trying to stop a run but to get his customary shy at the stumps.It failed but it got the pro on strike and when he forced one seemingly into orbit Arran appeared Johnny on the spot this time and snaffled him proving his selection was well thought out.

It opened one end up another loud appeal caught the umpire out and he caved into submission giving Big c his 2nd wicket .Thereafter wickets began to tumble at regular intervals Lee Vik Patrick and Milton got in on the act .121 wasn't a huge score and tight fielding was needed . Squeaky bum time and when tail end Evan's lofted Vik to the "safest pair of hands in the club Patrick" it seemed we had the upper hand , unfortunately Patrick started his slow slow quick quick slow foxtrot , throw in a side step one to the left one to the right it duly dropped straight over his head for a maximum. Bury starring down the barrel with single figures needed for a home win. Up stepped Milton to bring himself back on to bag himself the prize wicket of the no10 who was an under 12 and two balls before he managed to score his first senior run . Wild celebrations from Milton ensured this was one he will remember during his career ,altogether now "The day he went to Bangor"


Vik persuaded the umpire to be as generous as the first innings umpires and he took the last wicket of Jones lbw. The touring side had got off to a winning start and no pressure for the incoming T20 captain for Mochdre.


Steak night or was it date night for Freddie at wetherspoons the boys couldn't wait any longer for subo who was fine dining down the road  with the bow hat and cravat brigade and they all tucked into various T bones , confusion began when Dom thought he was getting a drink only to be approached by Sweaty Betty this put him off his usual chicken a la carte type burger and went straight to 4 scoop ice cream . I'm sure at this point Freddie snuck back to the bar for a glimpse of the local talent.

Lee managed to tuck Milton in bed early leaving Josh loose on the doubles . Subo managed last orders and usual service was resumed and she was escorted off the premises well after midnight,  fortunately this year by Dave and not last years publican .

Yours in sport

Wayne it's only banter


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Tour Blog Bangor Day One 2019