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North Wales Tour 2018 Day Two

North Wales Tour 2018 Day Two

Mr Beans Day 

Day two was all about Mr Bean (Donovan) what an eventful day he had , if he wasn’t walking around Wetherspoons before last orders trying not to draw attention to himself with his bright orange day glow carrier bag full of strongbow ready for the celebratory victory party , which one presumes was held in Nathan’s hotel room , it was hard to guess this was the lad who “ ramped us “ yes you heard right Donovan ramped one of the Mochdre front line bowlers to secure a somewhat surprising , some would say victory over our first maiden tour hosts Mochdre . Bury’s North Wales tour has been in operation in over 50 years and its was the first time we had visited Mochdre which was a magnificent setting and we were greeted with good hospitality and hopefully we left a good impression for a future return.

Bury won the toss as usual elected to bat on what looked a pearl of a wicket for those horse racing enthusiasts GG took the captaincy reigns and a carefully selected batting order was produced , this time around Jacob lived up to his maternal instincts and held his brothers hands for first 10 overs and got us off to a flyer and 80 was on the board very quickly, Jacob in particular playing some good ground strokes including one timed effort through extra which really was the shot of the day , first wicket down in marches Mr Bean this time no carrier bag but his trusty wand and what good use he made of it , shots all around the ground and Bury really had the momentum Jacob was in full flow and the hundred came up . Jacob was the second wicket to fall to a soft caught and bowled but a very well constructed 50 odd had really set a good foundation and in my eyes was the match winnings innings .

Two wickets down with over hundred on the board management were happy knowing premier Dom was next to stride out thinking 180 was a distinct possibility, umm for four overs he couldn’t hit the skin of a rice pudding , it was this time Donovan took charge of proceedings and ramped one of Mochdre’s front line bowlers for four to which the opposition skipper piped up having watched Donovan unorthodox style on some occasions “where the flippin  heck  did that come from “ what we didn’t let out of the bag was , he shocked us more than he shocked them, even Alfie the dog was rolling around laughing at this point.  This seemed to ignite Dom into superman type powers for the last over and he hit Mochdres 1st team skipper for 4 huge sixes and two boundaries just taking the 32 off the last over, it was some of the best quality striking of a cricket ball you will see , thankfully Dom was around for the script writer when he played.

169 was the total and Bury turned round satisfied GG opened up with Raza and what a great start we got off to bowling Cheshire County player Will first ball , revenge was certainly in Raza mind as few weeks before at Rydal he took us to the cleaners for just the 150.  Young Halliwell took the other end and got some tap early on in true 20/20 fashion but bowled with guile and craft at times with a good yard in him . Raza got another one to lift and GG kindly obliged in slips , by this time the wicket at one end had turned into something nasty and became difficult to bat on to say the least . 
Young Bowen was given the opportunity to bowl first change but was plundered to all parts , to his credit it didn’t effect him and he was up for matching Rogers exploits on day one throwing himself at anything that he could get near too whilst fielding saving some valuable boundaries. He was replaced by Lou yep Lou not Paul’s wife but Lou Greenhalgh who bowled a very tidy spell under pressure of the run chase as Mochdre middle order had got stuck in as they say and one of the batters not Jones rattled 50 and we were up to 100.

MOM Jacob then turned his hand to some off spin and it was just what the doctor ordered and nipped out couple of wickets one of which his brother took, and stumped showing him how to do it and Bury were back in it , in between Aaron had skated his way in from long on to spill one and we could have all relaxed, as it was pressure was back on and GG master stroke of bringing back Halliwell in the penultimate over worked wonders and he removed the dangerous no 10 . The scene is set who’s going to bowl the last over,  of course it could only be Mr Bean it was his day and he duly obliged showing full faith in the skippers cock up of who’s bowling the last over and kept his cool bowling outside off stump then removing the last man to secure a Bury victory with Mochdre finishing four short, great effort from the boys and 2/2 no pressure for today’s skipper looking for a clean sweep.

Of course late night celebrations were in order and Subo decided to make an SAS type entrance to Wetherspoons mainly due to be hidden from sight of the stand in area manager and his troup of lady barmaids , fortunately it was the male variety bartenders who were serving and all the Ramsay’s got a drink !! Hip hip hooray hip hip hooray,  mission impossible complete and Sue had finally completed her one task for the day , sorry second she did do wonderful job scoring over ruling the umpires decision and taking orders from the fielder giving Jacob a four instead of six , its ok Sue we won by four much love xxx .

Of course it wasn’t going to be a good night unless we were kicked out of Wetherspoons long after 12 , well it was approx 12.30 and Subo was really into the non cloudy non fizzy Chardonnay and she did ever so well not to make eye contact to the young lady bartender who had swooped in from nowhere ( well really she spotted her a mile off and was having that b...) telling us to sup up for 15mins.  Not to be deterred on she marched to the kebab shop and and got the owner to serve her up her own cocktail mix of kebab and she is now known as Subo Shish Bowen.Thankfully this parting of the ways under direction of the kebab shop management was under good terms and Sue was last seen swaying up North.
Mr Bean had made his getaway to Nathan’s and duly woke me up at 4.30 am throwing his ring up in the toilet , hopefully like me learning my lesson at around a similar age that strongbow was fizzing out of his nose, I wouldn’t mind by the time 5.30 am ca me around I was re awoken by the toilet itself this time , he had somehow managed to lock the flushing mechanism so it was filling the cistern up permanently and a noisy flow of a filling cistern carried on till 6:30 until I managed the jam the f....g thing.

Anyway good days and times had by all onwards to Colwyn Bay.

Big W 

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North Wales Tour 2018 Day Two