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North Wales Tour 2018 Day One
24 Jul 2018

North Wales Tour 2018 Day One

24 Jul 2018

A convincing win over our Bangor friends gets tour off to a good start, a decent opening partnership with a belligerent Joe Mitchell always looking to take the initiative and a sabre rattling Ramsay Junior getting us to 50 in no time, Bury's determination to seize the opportunity didn’t stop there Ramsay Senior was determined to outscore his brother who was unlucky to be dismissed in the mid 40s with one that he bottomed edged onto his stumps, Ramsay senior produced some well timed shots to keep scoreboard ticking along at a good rate and by the time Mitchell departed having gone into T20 mode which saw him   score more than a single on at least two occasions Bury were well set.
Enter our International man of mystery Ahmad Iqbal and ex Pakistan u19 star and currently on loan from Liversedge CC who’s extra cover drives were exquisite got Bury well over 150, by this time Ramsay senior had upped the ante and was matching Iqbal shot for shot and was retired at the skippers request just short of his 100.
Some hard hitting from Iqbal late on crashing boundaries all over along with tour debutant Flaherty who incidentally has a terrible snoring habit got Bury to a score well in excess of 200 and certainly something to bowl at.
Bury opened up the bowling with another debutant Patrick Potts who bowled with some menace unfortunately it was aimed at Ramsay senior's keeping as opposed to the stumps or even the  batsman which brought about an early change of bowling, enter Big C who quickly got into a rhythm and brought back memories of wishing Stoney was captain for the day and would have happily bowled non stop, he got his reward with couple of wickets and Bury had broken Bangor’s spine, left arm spinner Iqbal joined in on the act and by the time the Mrs Mills lookalike was removed, Bury had a stranglehold on the game. 
To his credit Potts returned for a second spell and got his reward castling another Bangor batsman's stumps and Big C was still toiling away.
Flaherty too made his bowling debut and picked up a wicket with his first ball and Bangor were left reeling and stranded in no mans land.
Some notable fielding displays were enthused with Raza showing his crocodile like catching, skipper Metcalfe following suit and a corkscrew like attempt from Mitchell senior who was Bury's standout fielder throwing himself like Joseph in his technicolour dream coat at anything within his diving range.  
Bangor finished well short in the mid 160 s and Bury were off to a winning start .
Other observations of note Raza beats Mitchell junior in a race to retrieve one from the fine leg area, Ramsay senior's attempt at a stumping in a slow motion type fashion with the batter winning the race from 2 yards out.
Big W refuting Ramsay junior's claims his brother is a good keeper and took valuable notes that he won’t make committee or scout reports for future tour selection teams.
Evening rendezvous was at Wetherspoons with Burgers around at 10pm which led to a Ramsay Rockus which started with “he gave to me to give to him to give to me to give to him” in relation to EU and non EU passport / driving license / no driving license ID.
Paralegal Subo stepped in to offer her take on the manager refusing to serve an alcohol non alcohol drink who preferred to change labels on the beer taps rather than serve a parched Ramsay.
She was then interviewed under caution by the duty manager and by the time she had applied for a Wetherspoon chain of stand in regional manager she had to finally climb down to avoid a first time touring party chuck out from Wetherspoons.
Things calmed down by closing time and by the time Gary Garner and his golfing party turned up, Subo was well into the Chardonnay scrumpy like cloudy fizzy white wine.
Some non interesting facts were spoken well after a 2nd warning to drink up at 12:30 am including Duncan “chase me“ Norvelle's wife was once hit by a golf ball whilst he the star at a golf pro-am event and whilst he landed and departed in a helicopter she departed separately in an ambulance. Rock star legend Alice Cooper plays off a 2 handicap and for those soap lovers Jack Sugden ex Emmerdale is as boring a companion on the golf pro am circuit as his character. Also Speedy is off to change his pants that he bought from M&S and Pam is still wondering why they don’t fit as there’s a first for everything. An interesting day with Mochdre T20 Weds to follow where we're told is the best batting track around North Wales and I’m sure the new arriving party of Dom, Aaron and the Greenhalgh's will make no use of at all. Great 1st day had by all more reports to follow.

Big W.

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North Wales Tour 2018 Day One