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Nets Update ahead of new booking slots
3 Jul 2020

Nets Update ahead of new booking slots

3 Jul 2020

We are now one week into our nets system, which has been successfully and safely implemented - our thanks goes to those who have booked a session and used the nets this week for their understanding of our protocols and co-operation.

Ahead of next week's sessions becoming available to book from 5pm today (Friday 3/7/20), there are a few small changes to the system:

- Sessions on the square will be extended to 75 minutes, as it is anticipated these sessions will be booked by larger groups. Net area sessions will remain 45 minutes long with one extended session available each evening - this seems to be about the correct length for junior pairings.

- Booking slot timings will become uniformed across the week, with slots available at the following times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings:

  • 17:30-18:15 - Net Area
  • 17:45-19:00 - Wicket on Square
  • 18:30-19:15 - Net Area
  • 19:15-20:30 - Wicket on Square
  • 19:30-20:30 - Net Area (Extended Session)

- Members remain restricted to a maximum of two sessions per week, but the restriction on the number of bookings has been relaxed from one to two.

- For all bookings, if there are any changes to the personnel who will attend the session after the booking has been confirmed, then the booking holder must contact the net manager to inform them of this. The net managers must know who is coming to the session in advance, and we must keep a correct register of attendence should we be contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

- There will be an addition to the booking form - senior groups (only) that have space for more people to join (i.e. less than 6 members) will have an option to 'advertise' their slot for more people to join. This means that on the team app news article and on the nets page, where current available slots can be viewed, your names will be included on a time so other senior players can choose to join if they wish. Anyone who wishes to join this session must contact the booking holder (the first person named) who must contact the net manager to inform them of additions to their group.

If you are currently unable to attend on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening but would like to have a net session, then please do not hesitate to contact the net managers. If you require a slot on a different day on a different time, we will try to work with you to make it happen in the coming weeks.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback that have inspired the above alterations.

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Nets Update ahead of new booking slots