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A message from the President
26 Feb 2021

A message from the President

26 Feb 2021

Bury Cricket Club
This is not meant to be a newsletter or an official notice, but more in cricketing terms, a declaration. A declaration of thanks to two particular loyal members of Bury Cricket Club whose roles have now changed.
Those who attended our virtual AGM will be aware, but to many of our friends and supporters who read our website this will be news for your appreciation.

Wayne Belston is standing down from committee work for 2021. We would like to thank Wayne for all his past efforts which included being a hard hitting top order batsman on the field and a project manager off the field. He also provided us with, in addition, three excellent cricketers and a family legacy,
It occurred to me that Wayne became a sort of a Mr Fix It. Should we need a new oversees player, a piece of kit, or a wicket cutting then Wayne was our man, to say nothing of arranging the North Wales tours during the last few years. A hard act to follow.

We hope he will still have a presence and provide his expertise if ever we are stuck. We'll look forward to seeing him and his shorts walking around the boundary this season.

The 2020 season was supposed to be one of celebration being the Clubs 175th anniversary and also marking 100 years of cricket on the Radcliffe Road ground. Our Chairman, Mark Smith, had grand plans for festivities to mark the occasion and we all know these would therefore have been carried out with determination, exactitude and flair.

Alas, no such events happened, as it became a “ lost “ Covid effected season and in a strange way it seemed a good point for Mark to announce that he will now cease to be Chairman after 10 years at the top. We thus start 2021 with a fresh and hopefully fully innoculated committee.

All members at Bury Cricket Club owe a great deal to Mark. If anyone asks what legacy Mark has left behind please accept the answer as “ Look around you ! ”.

Pavilion, sightscreen , machinery, drainage, plus endless other stuff that a cricket club needs are now available,
That is just the hardware, the software ( if that is the correct corresponding term ) being the Club spirit that Mark created. The pavilion became a place to gather and enjoy friendships, with the outfield an area to perform and defeat opposition. Thankfully Mark will continue on the committee and be evolved in projects as required.

Of course, we must also acknowledge the efforts of Sue in ensuring Bury CC has a pavillion to be proud of. The shop, teas, and its faultless appearance is all down to Sue. Again we hope that these standards will be continued and we can count on Sue for future help.

The departure of these stalwarts will leave a big hole in the operation of Bury CC for 2021. We are now preparing a list of activities and will need new volunteers to carry out these functions to keep Bury CC as a premier club.

Remember we are an amateur organisation, and do not receive any benefit other than those generated by ourselves. We ask for everyone to help so don’t hesitate to come forward.

Notice of this will be coming shortly. Meanwhile we look forward to a more “ normal “ cricket season this April.

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A message from the President